Updates - 4/18/12
  1. DCON is in two days! Make sure to buy your spirit wear for whoever is going to DCON (boys=$3, girls=$4). 
  2. Walk to End Alzheimer’s is on Saturday. This is for people who aren’t going to DCON. If you need hours, come to event. It’s from 6am - 12pm at The District in Tustin. You need to sign up online in order to go. Click on the link below and it’ll explain on how to register.
  3. Make sure to get passes from Joy for DCON just in case. You will need to leave 5th period at 1:15pm! 
  4. New Appointed Board for 2012-2013:
    - Publicist: Vi Kim Pham
    - Tech/Web Chair: Tien Nguyen
    - Spirit Chair: Manuel Santiago
    - Historian: Bryan Le & Julie Nguyen
    - DCON Chair: Thomas Huyuh


- Jack Wang
2011 - 2012 FV KIWIN’S Publicist 

Appointed Board Applications DUE TOMORROW!

Appointed Board Applications

Click above for the application.

Applications for appointed board are due tomorrow! Get the chance to be part of the amazing 2012-2013 board! Are you up for the challenge?

What are the positions for appointed board?

"Publicist, Tech/Web Chair, Spirit Chair, Historian, and DCON Chair."

See you guys tomorrow! Meeting in Room 206!

DCON Countdown - 24 MORE DAYS! [:

- Jack Wang
FV KIWIN’S 2011-2012 Publicist 

Updates for 3/14/12
  • March DCM on March 18th (2pm - 5pm) @ FV Recreation Center.
    - Get to know your Jet Division and get updates about KIWIN’S and mostly DCON!
  • If you paid your registration fee for DCON, you need to pay $55 for the hotel fee. Pay with a check ONLY, payable to Fountain Valley KIWIN’S. On the bottom left corner, put your name on it so that we can make sure that we know who paid us.

Executive Board for 2012-2013:
President - Phelan Phan
Vice President - Lotus Thai
Secretarial Team - Tyanna Bui & Jack Wang
Treasurer - Linsey Tran

DCON Countdown - 37 MORE DAYS TO GO!

For those you are interested in running for board

TO ALL THOSE INTERESTED IN RUNNING FOR EXECUTIVE BOARD, PLEASE SIGN UP FOR INTERVIEWS! They will be held this week on Thursday and Friday during lunch and after school. Here is the schedule:

12:30, 12:40, 3:00, 3:10, 3:20, 3:30

12:30, 12:40, 3:00, 3:10, 3:20, 3:30, 3:40, 3:50

Please talk to Joy if you need to schedule a interview date. Running for board is an important thing for the club. We need to see if you’re qualified to run! First, you must have an interview, then go through the nomination process, which only PAID members can nominate. After you’re nominated, you will then present your speeches in front of the club, then they will vote. Remember, PAID members can vote, so don’t bring other people to vote for you. If you haven’t already told Joy what you’re running for, tell her immediately and start working on your speeches & send them to her. 

Executive board for the club level includes: President, Vice President, Secretary or Secretarial Team, and Treasurer. 

More TBA once the election process begins! For now, work on those speeches and see you guys on Wednesday!

- Jack Wang

2011 - 2012 FV KIWIN’S Publicist

FV KIWIN’S at Bowl to Build for our Project ONE Fundraiser! Ohana forever! <3 
Updates - 2/1/12

Congratulations to Member of the Month: Calvin Chau! [:

Two more months until DCON, so get ready for an adventure!

  • Bowl to Build is on February 4th at FV Bowl (6pm). Tickets stopped selling already, but come and bowl the night away! It’ll be the best night ever!
  • Surf City is on February 5th. We need lots of people going to this event since we’re getting $15 for each person that volunteers! This is a great way in order to decrease your DCON fees. GO GO GO!
  • If you’re interested in running for executive board for next year, email or contact your president, Joy. Tell her what position you’re running for. After you have planned your speech, sent your speech to her. For those who want to contribute to KIWIN’S, here’s your chance to shine. Positions include President, Vice President, Secretary (or secretarial team), and Treasurer. ELECTIONS START IN MARCH, plan accordingly! [:

- Jack Wang
2011 - 2012 FV KIWIN’S Publicist 

Updates - 1/18/12

Couple updates for the rest of January and beginning of February. There are many big event coming up, so you guys should go! Click on “Read More” to see the content of today’s meeting.

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Running for District Board? 
Interested and just not sure? 

Come to Candidates Forum on January 21, 2012 at Downey High from 1PM - 4PM!
Bowl to Build

Just to let everyone know, Bowl to Build is on February 4th @ FV Bowl from 6pm to 8pm. The profits for this event goes to Project ONE, the governor’s project, where the money will help build a school in Kenya. If you want to go and buy a ticket, come see me or any board member during school! This is a great deal since on a regular day, two games and rental shoes is already $15. You get that, along with pizza and soda! Not only you get a chance to bowl with your friend and have fun, you’re actually helping out for a cause! Bowl the night away. <3

Click here  for the Facebook event page. More details to come!

- Jack Wang
2011 - 2012 FV KIWIN’S Publicist